Biodisc is a new discovery in the field of science technology and health knowledge. Biodisc invented by a Professor of Neurosurgery Expert Doctor named Prof. Dr. Ian Lyons, after doing research for 25 years in the three famous springs with healing of Lourdes water, zam-zam water, and water himalaya discovered why the water in three places that have healing power is very high, because the energy contained in water that is 127Mhz, equivalent to the energy levels of the healthy newborn infant. HOW IS FORMED BIODISC
13 minerals that are in the three springs that after investigation have the power to provide energy is extracted and then combined again, using high technology called nano heat fusion, a mineral that is heated to 1000 degrees centigrade, and after the formation of minerals incorporated into the glass AMIRAN and created BIODISC.


Before biodisc marketed should be researched in advance and must be certified, by permission of WHO biodisc investigated by 3 institutes and laboratories in Germany, Singapore, and Japan

WHY BIODISC Basically, our bodies have natural healing power, during the prime function of the body. For example if we scratched the knife, what we wound heal? Are the drugs we use? Actually not, but it is our body that heal the wounds of our own, well biodisc concept that actually just helps to harmonize our body and help restore the body's metabolism decreases over time due to environmental factors such as:

* Air (polluting vehicles and factories)
* Water (chlorine, chemicals and dyes)
* Food (flavorings, dyes, preservatives, sweeteners, pesticides, etc.)
* Radiation (mobile phones, computers, lights, etc.)
The factors that causes our body condition decline, weakened immunity, impaired metabolism, and therefore us humans today are more prone to disease than the human antiquity that the environment has not been affected by pollution. That's why there are mountain people who are healthier, longer age, because they are still minimal environmental pollution. Because according to research by the WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) at a conference in Geneva in 1993 and 2004 ditariklah conclusion that:

* Drinking water that contains chlorine (Cl) is the highest cause of cancer
* In patients with breast cancer, the cancer tissue was found in 60% chlorine content
* In prostate cancer, there is a 93% chlorine content in cancer tissue
* Mixing between oil meals / cooking + water containing chlorine will cause atherosclerosis (blockage of blood vessels)
Therefore, why biodisc very important for our bodies, not as a cure but help us to restore our body's metabolism, energy levels to harmonize our bodies up to 127 Mhz, such as newborns, automatically with the existence of a prima body, our body's antibody out, we will be spared from various diseases (likened to that body like a lamp, if the lamp voltage is not stable either high or low, it can cause the lamp easily damaged, it takes the lamp voltage stabilizer for stable, well actually it could be said biodisc as a stabilizer of the body). HOW TO USE BIODISC

* Drunk, drinkable water that has been treated with biodisc, containing the energy equivalent of Lourdes water, water and water-zam zam himalaya, why drunk, because our bodies consist of 70% of water contained in the blood, water has a very vital role for human life, well with our drinking water has been treated with biodisc, our bodies will be faster tercleansing and our blood cells will be given a good energy and contain enough oxygen

drawing blood cells of people who drink water biodisc

    * Necessary, because biodisc this work through a wave of positive energy, it just brought near to the area with an illness, this biodisc can and can relieve pains diarea you feel.
    * Sprayed, biodisc water that has been treated in addition to works from the inside can also work from the outside, for itching in the skin, and especially external wounds (burns, eczema wet and dry, etc.), to relieve inflammation in acne, wounds cause damage to skin tissue, by spraying water biodisc, will spur the skin tissue to regenerate skin cells, so that the wound will heal faster
    * DISINAR, light passing through this biodisc will be given the so-called energy scalar energy, scalar energy use is also often found on the operating table lamps and tubes incubator baby, why on the operating table was always found in a large glass and white lights? Because it contains a light scalar energy that can make the doctors had become more focused and calm in performing an operation, and patients will remain stable, tube baby incubators also have a scalar energy, that's the reason why premature babies, after the tube is placed inside the incubator baby it will be faster healthier and will raise the baby weight, because the cells in the body they will be refined, the baby's metabolism was launched, and will be faster energynya stable, with a healthy body weight automatically would be fast growing


   1. Because Biodisc is made of glass should not be placed in cold or hot, because it can lead to cracking and rupture
   2. Age biodisc this logically can last up to 50 years, is given by the company's warranty for efficacy and 15 years, the warranty does not apply where a fall or broken biodisc
  1. The use for treatment of water can be drawn as follows:

Figure biodisc for drinking water treatment

Figure biodisc to irradiation

Chi Pendant
Chi Pendant is as a complement of the disc, as a function of chi pendant to ward off electromagnetic radiation fog coming from cellphones, computers, lights, and other electronic goods that can potentially damage brain cells. Function chi pendant to cover our brain from radiation attack that can cause fatigue, because we know the brain is the organ most vital of all other organs, our brain when stress, and disturbed by the radiation from the outside, whether our bodies can be healthy? Well chi pendant can protect us from the effects of stress that can make the condition of our bodies do not fit.
In addition to protecting our body from radiation, chi pendant can also increase our focus, stabilize brain waves, increase energy, make us not to achieve fast
 chi pendant

1. Should not be used for children under 13 years, because in those days a child's brain is developing, chi pendant can inhibit brain development of children, because the chi pendant serves as a stabilizer and cover the brain waves of radiation attack
2. Attach a rope to chi pendant, and wear to a limited chest 

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